Call for Papers

Call for papers

2nd International Conference, The Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro.

THEME - Emerging Trends in TVET as Contributor to Economic Transformation for Global Competitiveness



1.    Emerging Trends and Issues in Creativity and Innovation for Global Competitiveness

2.    Access and Quality in TVET for Sustainable Development

3.    Wealth Creation, Poverty Alleviation and Economic Growth in TVET

4.    Innovative Approaches to Professional and Pedagogical Upgrade in TVET 

5.    Revisiting Global Trends in TVET for Economic Transformation and National Development

6.    Technical and Vocational Skills Development Policies and Practices for Global Competitiveness

7.    Human Capital Development in TVET for Economic Growth

8.    Environmental Impact of TVET in the Global Economy

9.    TVET and the Enabling Environment for Global Competitiveness

10. Impact of Information Technology in TVET for Economic Sustainability

11. Emerging Challenges and Trends in TVET

12. Synergy between TVET and Management Sciences

13. Inventions and Patent in TVET for Economic Growth

14. Entrepreneurial Education and Youth Development

15. TVET, Crime Reduction and Economic Transformation

16. Gender Sensitivity in TVET for National Development

17. Revisiting National Policy on TVET

18. Enhancing Curriculum Delivery in TVET

19. TVET in Macro-Economy for Global Competitiveness

20. TVET as a Tool for Diversifying the National Economy

21. Enhancing TVET with Engineering Practice for Global Competitiveness

22. COVID-19 and TVET Education: Emerging Issues

23. Post COVID-19 Pandemic: TVET for Social-economic Recovery

24. Environmental Impact of COVID-19 and Global Economy

25. Exploration of Opportunities amidst COVID-19 Pandemic


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