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Abosede Olumomi & Elisha Joseph, July 2020, Published: 2020-11-04

This paper looks into the necessity of human capital development in assisting the technical and vocational education and training in achieving its aim of economic growth in the Nigerian context. A thematic approach of analysis of site research journals, e-book and text book was adopted in order to achieve the aim of this research work. It is a fact that development in human resources is indispensable in the achievement of economic growth, as there is an increase in economic performance for every increase in human capital development. In the industrial world, technical institutions have been found unable to provide for the specific manpower needs of industries, skills acquired through training in these technical institutions are sometimes out of date and no more relevant to the current needs of the economy. Paper certificates can only serve as indices for measuring the ability of the individuals to learn and understand a chosen set of relevant techniques within specific time limits. For this cause, the development of indigenous human capital in the technical and vocational education and training (TVET) to serve as the propelling force to national economic growth cannot be put aside. Any nation who dispenses this skill acquisition has already signed for the doom of her people. For TVET to be well articulated and reliably bring about the required technical training leading to economic growth of a nation, human capital needs to acquire necessary knowledge and skills, which will help in no small measure to improve its training capacity is needed
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